Is our new application secure?

We help you to incorporate security in your development

Your challenge

To build secure applications, you should be able to answer the following questions: 

  • How can we avoid vulnerabilities in our application at an early stage of the development? 
  • Should we consider and prioritise security before we start development (security by design)?
  • If our applications are developed externally, what should we require from our vendors?

Our solution

Our experience in testing numerous applications has taught us that security should be incorporated as early as possible in the design and development process. It is always cheaper and easier to build secure applications than it is to correct security flaws late in the development process. Which is why we strive to help our clients with taking a security-by-design approach and offer training and consultancy in secure development.

We have tested whether applications are ready for launch from a security perspective hundreds of times, and are ready to help in all phases of the development.

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