How should we prioritise our cyber security efforts?

We help you create a prioritised cyber security action plan

Your challenge

Businesses and governmental institutions need to answer a number of questions in order to create a cyber security action plan:

  • Which systems are critical to our operations?
  • Which sensitive information do we store and/or process?
  • Where is our sensitive information?
  • Which attack vectors can be used to compromise our systems?
  • Which security controls and procedures do we (need to) have in place, and are they actually being followed?

Our solution

We see cyber security as a process, as opposed to a series of standalone tests and security measures.

To help our clients with building a robust security plan, we offer a full review of their security situation, based on a solid understanding of their business. Our Cyber Security Review is based on CIS Critical Security Controls, ISO27001/2 standards, and thorough evaluations of the threat landscape and the client’s business. No two reviews are the same.

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