Can our employees withstand an attack?

We help you educate and train your employees to withstand targeted attacks

Your challenge

The human factor is the weakest link in your security. To mitigate the associated risks, you need to ask yourself: 

  • What type of attacks target our employees? 
  • Are our employees able to withstand these attacks?
  • In which areas should we adjust or update our security policies?
  • How can we raise our security awareness?
  • How do we ensure that our employees continuously stay on their toes?

Our solution

Our consultants specialise in social engineering and phishing, and have access to a wealth of knowhow and in-house developed tools. Our social engineering campaigns always start with a meeting with the client, where we agree on focus areas that are important from a business perspective. We use this input to tailor our awareness testing to target these areas, while keeping the scope as wide as possible. This helps us simulate real attacks with a high success rate – because real attackers don’t play nice.

Our social engineering campaigns can be followed up by awareness training that is tailored to your employees.

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