We are NCC Group

FortConsult is NCC Group!

We are changing our company name to NCC Group

FortConsult has been around for almost two decades, and while we are proud of our history, we are also thrilled about taking this final step towards integrating into NCC Group, our broader family for the past six years.

Since we joined NCC Group in 2014, we have continued to operate under the FortConsult brand, but as we have become more integrated into the Group over the years, it makes sense to finally change our name.

Aligning with the rest of NCC Group over the years has allowed FortConsult and NCC Group to draw from each other’s experiences and expertise and grow stronger as a result. Today, this means that we are able to take full advantage of the expertise across the whole group (and vice versa) under one name and bring in some of the best experts in the world to deliver high quality service locally to our clients.

Who is NCC Group? 

We are almost 2,000 information security professionals, spread out over 35 offices across the world, serving more than 15,000 clients globally.

With our knowledge, experience and global footprint, we are able to help businesses identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the risks they face.

The width and depth of the capabilities that come with having one of the largest information security teams in the world is not new to FortConsult – we have been part of NCC Group for more than half a decade.

Changing our name to reflect this is just another reminder of who we are.

We are NCC Group.