Vulnerability Scanning

How do you maintain the security in your Internet-facing IT systems in a landscape that is in a constant change?

Our vulnerability scanning service is offered as a subscription with an unlimited number of scans and IPs, or as a ticket coupon system with a fixed number of scans of your Internet-facing IT systems. The scanning consists of three modules: IP Discovery (status of current number of IP addresses), IP Vulnerability Scan (overview of new port and IP vulnerabilities) and Web Vulnerability Scan (overview of new web vulnerabilities).

You control what is scanned and when, and for the applications and IP addresses that are to be scanned regularly, scanning is done automatically. The status report is delivered after our experienced security consultants have removed any false positives.

Our experienced security consultants manually remove any false positives, and deliver a status report with all of the identified vulnerabilities, which are assigned a risk rating of high, medium or low.

A useful and cost-effective add-on to our vulnerability scanning service is Daily Delta scanning, which provides you with a baseline of your external infrastructure and highlights which services are visible. As soon as we detect any alteration to the services which have been defined as the baseline, an automatic alert is generated for review by the Managed Services team. Again, our consultants remove false positives, and any genuine changes are reported to you within four hours of the next working day. This allows you to respond rapidly to unexplained changes in your network footprint, making sure that your external infrastructure does not change without your knowledge. 

Our vulnerability scanning can be a fine addition to our thorough vulnerability test that also involves manual and creative tests.

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