TIBER Advisory

A TIBER test is a time-consuming and resource-demanding endeavour, which is often overwhelming for organisations lacking experience in performing such a test.

TIBER tests are performed in a live environment, which also raises concerns for organisations that lack clarity on whether they are ready for TIBER.

Without proper preparation, the test can affect daily operations and result in regulator, management and peer scrutiny. Additionally, organisations waste valuable resources if the lessons learned during the test are not mitigated – which is a common risk if you lack clear remediation and transformation plans.

Our Solution

Our TIBER advisory helps you prepare for, execute and follow up on a TIBER test, ensuring a cost-effective use of your resources. Lessons learned are used to improve your cyber resiliency.

NCC Group's TIBER Advisory

TIBER consists of five mandatory stages, from initiation to closure. We are able to assist you in all of the mandatory phases, allowing you to pick out the phases in which your organisation needs assistance or to engage us as an embedded consultant for your entire TIBER project.

Additionally, we offer support before and after your TIBER test, allowing you to prepare for TIBER and helping you on your transformation journey to ensure that your cyber resiliency improves as a result of the test.

Key Benefits
  • Become prepared for TIBER
  • Advisory and guidance throughout the entire mandatory TIBER test process and, more importantly, beyond
  • Assurance that the TIBER framework is being followed and executed correctly
  • Lessons learned are used to improve your cyber resiliency
  • Cost-efficient utilisation of your resources
Why Choose NCC Group
  • We have a unique offering to help you prepare for your TIBER journey
  • We understand your business and your threat landscape
  • We have extensive TIBER and CBEST experience
  • We ensure that findings are used to create real improvements
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