Strategy & Remediation Support

The General Data Protection Regulation was launched in May 2018, and prior to that, it has been discussed and debated for a few years – yet we still meet clients that feel that they lack a clear and actionable set of guidelines for how to tackle GDPR. 

We offer strategy and remediation support to help you assess the risks associated with data privacy and build an actionable roadmap, and assist you in all aspects of remediation and compliance with GDPR. 

Depending on your situation, this may include the design of policies and procedures that are required to meet GDPR, while aligning your information security processes to the new privacy and risk management requirements. It may also include creating a target operating model and key performance indicators to measure the progress that your organisation is making in reaching your target. 

In all cases, our Strategy & Remediation Support service provides you with an actionable roadmap towards life under GDPR. 

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