Social engineering

The methods used by cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the use of social engineering, where people are tricked into releasing confidential information, is on the rise. Larger companies, where everyone does not necessarily know everyone, are especially vulnerable to this. The solution is often security policies – but do they actually work?

We help you test your company’s cyber security awareness and security levels by simulating a range of attacks, in which we either try to coax your employees in to giving away confidential information, try to gain physical access to restricted areas, or obtain user credentials. The methods that we use are agreed upon at a kick-off meeting with the client, and can include phishing, spear-phishing, vishing, tailgating, USB-attacks, and many more.

By regularly performing social engineering tests, you:

  • Improve the overall cyber security of your organisation (as your employees are always the weakest link in your defence)
  • Learn about how well the organisation’s internal security policy is being followed
  • Find out where to focus a potential cyber security awareness campaign
  • Get information about how your internal procedures can be enhanced from a security perspective
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