Security Analytics

A massive amount of security insight is hidden in your machine data but unlocking it can be tricky without the right expertise. Our security analytics managed services not only unlocks your data’s full potential but makes sure it is usable.

Today's attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Advanced attacks are carefully planned, well executed and difficult to defend against. A well implemented security monitoring or SIEM solution can give you the early indicators that you need in order to provide an effective response to these attacks.  However, even with the most advanced SIEM solutions,  you can only react to indications of attack  if someone is watching the SIEM and triaging the alarms. 

Our Managed Security Analytics services provide not only 24/7 monitoring of alerts from your systems but our service constantly makes SIEM capability improvements.

Managed SIEM

Our Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service leads the industry in delivering comprehensive and robust Security Analytics capabilities that help detect the modern multifaceted internet borne attacks, as well as threats that may come from within such as rogue admins and malicious insiders. We use a use-case based approach to ensure that outputs delivered are of high value.

With the Managed SIEM service, NCC Group SIEM experts will deploy an new full managed on premise SIEM solution or  take over management and monitoring of an existing ArcSight, Splunk or LogRhythm platform, ensuring that you retain ownership of your critical security data, while we provide a true managed service to manage and maintain the platform as well as provide 24/7 monitoring.

Our Managed SIEM service leverages our specialist expertise and includes professional services hours with SIEM experts to provide whole lifecycle management enhancement of the SIEM capability as customers business change and evolve.  The service also delivers  24/7 monitoring of your SIEM and continual review of customers’ alarms identifying new ways to tune, improve and implement new detection logic so you don’t have to.

Hosted SIEM

The NCC Group Hosted SIEM Service provides customers with comprehensive, highly resilient Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities, using our hosted multi-tenancy LogRhythm SIEM platform, installed in our UK based data centre.

NCC Group’s hosted SIEM solution collects, analyses and stores logs from our customers’ networks, hosts and critical applications. The service provides advanced correlation, analysis and reporting capabilities on the log information collected from the customer’s sources. This service extends visibility beyond the network perimeter to the application layer to help businesses achieve more effective identification and mitigation of security threats, and compliance validation with numerous regulatory standards.

Managed Performance Analytics

In a modern technology driven world carefully leveraging valuable system and performance data for business advantage can make all the difference.  We provide a human triage and escalation of performance analytics alarms, not just relying on technology to send out automated alerts.

The need for proactive remediation of system issues and discovery of useful patterns of behaviour or application bottlenecks mean critical systems need to be actively monitored and maintained around the clock by experienced specialists who understand your data’s value.

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