Mobile Application Security Test

You have developed a new mobile app or a new functionality to your existing app. Before releasing it, you want to know if the application is safe from potential attacks that will ultimately impact your company financially and/or cause damage to your company’s reputation. 

We conduct a combination of practical tests (dynamic analysis) and source code review (static analysis) to identify potential security threats that may affect data confidentiality, data integrity and the availability of the application, in order to determine the security level of the mobile app. We base our tests on methodology from OWASPs Mobile Security Project and on our deep experience gained from many years of application testing. As a part of our tests, we perform usability tests as well as logical tests.

By getting us to test your mobile application, you will: 

  • Know whether your app is secure and ready for release

  • Receive a prioritised list of actions to remediate identified vulnerabilities, and recommendations on how to remediate them

  • Receive input for your coding practices

  • Be allowed to accept credit cards (PCI P2PE)
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