Managed Intelligence Service (MIS)

MIS provides visibility of external risks related to the digital footprint of an organisation. It reduces cost for response and recovery by identifying these risks and detecting breaches before they are fully exploited.


The growing digital footprint of an organisation's web, social and mobile channels further increases the likelihood of attacks while limiting what can be controlled directly. It typically takes weeks before a breach is detected.

Our Managed Intelligence Service is a proactive early breach detection offering with expert threat analysts providing contextual and actionable risk mitigation. Our experts will assess any threats, identify risks and work with you to determine the best mitigation action for your organisation.

MIS enables organisations to look beyond their perimeter to identify and monitor threats before they materialise into attacks. It pulls intelligence from multiple sources and assesses relevance for your individual organisation. For example, external emerging threats such as phishing practices, DDOS attacks, and compromised credentials can be detected, allowing preventative work to be carried out.

The Solution

Managed Intelligence Service (MIS) brings our world-class threat intelligence expertise to you in a highly effective, cost efficient, customisable and flexible solution. It monitors a wide range of open and closed sources to find external risks related to the digital footprint of an organisation.

Highly skilled analysts in Fox-IT’s (part of NCC Group) Intelligence Operations Centers gather information, classify it and notify you about the fast-moving, ever-changing threats that can impact the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of your core assets and business. Doing this on your own does not only require a high-level of expertise, but it is also time-consuming and costly. As a managed service, MIS brings our world-class expertise to you in a highly effective and cost-efficient manner.

MIS complements and can integrate with our Managed Detection and Response services or your own internal threat monitoring solutions. Combined, you benefit from proactive cyber vigilance that monitors and mitigates threats, protecting your most vital organisational assets and minimising financial and productivity losses while assuring business continuity.

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