Managed & Hosted SIEM

Our SIEM service leads the industry in delivering comprehensive and robust security analytics capabilities. This helps you detect multifaceted attacks, as well as threats that may come from within, such as rogue admins or malicious insiders. Our SIEM service leverages our specialist expertise and includes professional services hours with SIEM experts, 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure and reviews of your systems, helping you tune, improve and implement new detection logic.

We use a case-based approach to ensure that the delivered outputs are of high value.

We have a unique EDGE (Engage, Define, Generate, Enhance) approach to delivering SIEM projects, which differentiates ourselves from SIEM vendors and other managed service providers. As a part of EDGE, we kick off our work with a use-case workshop, where we define use cases and log sources together with the client. We actively work with our clients on their use-case design and only integrate log sources into the managed service that are required to help them reduce key risks. By using this approach, we develop security monitoring use-cases that are tailored specifically for the organisation, keeping the scope as small as possible. This ensures speed and accuracy when deploying a SIEM solution, reduces SIEM vendor license costs, and allows for a stable foundation for security monitoring.

With our Managed SIEM service, our SIEM experts are able to either deploy a new full-managed, on-premise SIEM solution or take over management and monitoring of an existing Splunk platform. This ensures that you retain ownership of your critical security data, while we provide a true managed service to manage and maintain the platform, as well as provide 24/7 monitoring. 

Hosted SIEM

Our Hosted SIEM service provides you with comprehensive and highly resilient SIEM capabilities, using our hosted LogRhythm platform that is installed in our data centre. 

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