Laptop Review

Laptops pose a security risk for any organisation, as they are exposed to unknown networks and servers when your employees bring them with them when they leave the premises. So what happens if a laptop is lost or stolen, or if an employee connects to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot?

NCC Group offers a structured review of your laptops, which, depending on your wishes, can consist of two different approaches:

  • A technical review of a representative laptop's configuration.

  • This will include an analysis of, among others, BIOS configuration, wireless configuration, encryption configuration and so on .

  • An analysis of the use of the laptops in your company with a focus on security policies and usage guidelines.

A laptop review helps you:

  • Regain the control of your IT infrastructure.

  • Reduce the risk of a compromise.

  • Document that you take security seriously to management, auditors and the media.
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