GDPR Health Check

With the General Data Protection Regulation, organisations need to assess privacy risks and adjust their privacy controls, processes and policies.

With the GDPR health check, we determine your organisation’s privacy risks and assess your privacy controls according to the GDPR requirements. The health check is concluded with an in-depth report that shows key risk areas and actionable recommendations. 

The health check’s key focus areas are: 

  • Understanding: assessing the current awareness of how GDPR will impact your organisation
  • Roles & responsibilities: assessing whether appropriate roles and responsibilities within your organisation have been defined
  • Application: assessing the application of data privacy principles and controls within your business
  • Remedial actions: identifying the actions that are required to reach compliance with the new rules
  • Impact: an impact statement on any potential non-compliance

The GDPR Health Check is a particularly good idea if you are unable to answer the following questions: 

  • How compliant are we to the current legislation?
  • Have we got the processes and resources in place to meet requests from individuals to delete data, and to enable the secure transfer of data from our organisation to another?
  • Do we have the required level of consent to perform current processes with personal data, and is this aligned with the additional requirements from GDPR?
  • Are suppliers and other third parties processing our data as authorised?
  • Are we managing risks to personal data effectively and in line with GDPR?
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