Firewall Inspection

A firewall is a crucial element in your perimeter security. However, as time passes, ad-hoc needs may occur, such as opening particular ports and services for a temporary period. These things can increase the risk of compromising your IT security.

Having acquired your firewall rules and network diagrams, we thoroughly scrutinise them and to identify vulnerabilities in the configuration of your firewall. Among other things, the firewall review includes an analysis of the following elements:

  • Management

  • Logging

  • VPN

  • Traffic relevance

The firewall review helps you: 

  • Remove any security issues in your firewall rules and thereby enhance your security

  • Protect your business against attackers with insider knowledge of your firewall rules

  • Improve  your  internal  working  procedures by giving you an understanding of why security breaches have occurred and how to prevent them from occurring again

  • Give the relevant employees valuable sparring on firewall security
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