Digital Forensics

Can your team forensically acquire and analyse data following a breach?

Digital forensics provides important answers about how an individual has used a computer or other electronic device. If an individual has misused corporate assets or engaged in fraudulent activity, it is essential to secure evidence and conduct analysis in a forensically sound manner.

Key Features
  • Consultants hold qualifications from recognised bodies, including EnCE and X-PERT
  • Full chain-of-custody can be maintained where required
How does it work?

A digital forensics consultant will securely obtain data from the device(s) in question in accordance with ACPO guidelines. We work with you to understand all relevant history and compile a list of questions to be answered during the analysis, which is subsequently conducted using industry standard tools.

Where appropriate our consultants will recommend other incident response or technical activities to satisfy the objectives of an investigation.

What do you get?

The output of all forensics engagements is a report tailored to the questions agreed during the investigation. Where necessary we will provide extra data such as recovered files or create supporting material including activity timelines.

We have experience in a wide range of investigations, including:

  • Investigation of computer misuse or breaches of Acceptable Use Policies
  • Network forensics, including covert monitoring
  • Live forensics and volatile memory analysis
  • Bespoke technical analysis, for example embedded devices
  • Portable electronic devices and small form factor forensics
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