DDoS Test

DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) are common attack methods, designed to make a company's IT systems inaccessible to users. DoS and DDoS attacks can cause great inconvenience and have serious economic consequences for businesses. As an IT manager, you need to know how your system responds to DoS and DDoS attacks, and how you can achieve the best possible defence with the tools that you have at your disposal. NCC Group's practical DDoS test can help you along the way.

Our DDoS test is designed to find the limits of your current setup, including verification of the current protection, test alerting and collection of detailed knowledge about the systems' behavior when under attack. As a result of our test, you will receive a number of proposals about how to improve your environments, in order to achieve the best possible protection, making you prepared for potential attacks.

Our DDoS test helps you protect your business operations by:

  • Improving your overall structure and network security

  • Giving you an understanding of your capabilities to withstand different levels of powerful DDoS attacks

  • Giving you tangible tools that help you improve your IT environments to achieve the best possible protection against DDoS

  • Helping you streamline your internal procedures under a DDoS attack

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