Data Mapping Exercise

In order to protect data and critical assets, organisations need to have a holistic view of their data footprint and the criticality of the information that they store and process.

Our data mapping exercise helps you identify, classify and discover the data in your organisation. Our risk management experts provide pragmatic consultancy as they assess your data risk and help you get a holistic view of your data. 

The data mapping exercise consists of four phases:

  • Identify: we help you define and understand the different types of data that you hold and process within the organisation.
  • Classify: we determine the sensitivity of your data, based on the damage that would be caused by a breach of your data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • Discover: we determine where the data is stored, who receives it, and who processes it.
  • Report: we provide a comprehensive sensitive data inventory matrix based on the information gathered. A summary report that highlights our findings and suggested actions is provided.  
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