30 Minutes: How to Succeed with your SIEM and Managed SOC

2. juli 2020 - 13:30-14.00 CET

Having a SIEM solution and a managed SOC in place can be hugely rewarding to your company, but can also fail to provide the expected value (and thereby, a false sense of security) if you haven’t considered a number of factors before choosing the appropriate setup.  


In this 30 Minutes webinar, Gaffri Johnson will ensure you get the most of your planned investment by taking you through a nine-step guide, that will help you ensure a successful implementation of a SIEM and managed SOC solution or service.

Key Takeaways
  • Insights into the research and preparation required to make your SIEM and managed SOC a success
  • Actionable steps to take that can help you decide on whether to build it yourself or have it as a managed service
  • In-depth advice on how to formulate measurable goals and strategies to support a successful implementation from the beginning 

Gaffri Johnson, Senior Security Consultant, NCC Group

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