Cyber Security Health Assessment

When was the last time your network had a health checkup?

Just like with going to the doctor’s office to prevent a cold from turning into something worse, the security health of your network needs preventative care as well.

Our Cyber Security Health Assessments analyse your organisation for signs of activity that may be early indicators that a threat actor has access or is gaining access to your environment. We conduct our assessment by looking for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that have gone undetected, employee misuse that may lead to future compromise, shadow IT bypassing existing security controls, and malware that may be bypassing your existing host-based protections. As a practice, we stay in close communication with our clients, alerting them immediately of anything that needs attention.

  • Enables proactive assessment of your organisation’s environment, allowing you to remediate before it becomes a wider problem
  • Provides a reliable overview of your security posture, assisting with policy adherence and compliance
  • Allows you to show your financial investment is working to effectively reduce your overall risk
  • Can be used effectively in M&A activity and to control your supply chain risks
  • Demonstrates that your security controls are working effectively
  • Offers a solid benchmarking system if used periodically
  • All investigations are managed by a dedicated threat investigator, giving you a greater degree of confidence and understanding of issues detected
  • Our CIRT are experts in threat intelligence and analysis, with extensive experience in the detection of sophisticated attacks
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