We are changing our name: We are NCC Group

29th of May 2020

Since we joined NCC Group in 2014, we have continued to operate under the FortConsult brand but over the years, as we have become more integrated into the Group, this has made less sense.

We’ve decided that the time is now right for us to fully transition to the NCC Group brand and from 1 June we will now be known as NCC Group.

FortConsult is NCC Group

What this means for our clients

Having been a part of NCC Group for more than six years, this has been a long time in the making, as we have integrated into the Group more and more over the years. Aligning with the rest of NCC Group has meant that we are able to take full advantage of the expertise across the group and bring in some of the best experts from around the globe to deliver high quality service locally to our clients. 
Operating under the NCC Group brand, we will continue to deliver the excellent service our clients have come to recognise us for, while at the same time, make it easier for them to access the Group’s full range of cyber resilience solutions by presenting the depth and breadth of our services under the NCC Group brand.

Tomas Sorensen Boye, Managing Director, Europe, NCC Group (formerly FortConsult) comments: “We are proud of our FortConsult history and we have been on a journey in the last few years, where we have grown even stronger. The journey we are on is to ensure that we continue to be the leading expert on technical cyber security, but also that we take responsibility for our clients' safety. We do this by ensuring that we, together with our clients, build the right level of maturity, focus the resources optimally and optimise spend on cyber security. Being a part of NCC Group makes us so much stronger, and our clients will benefit even more from this synergy going forward."

You can read more about our name change here.