A Hacker’s Confessions: Part III (Re-Run)

28th of February 2018 - 09.00-10.00 or 14.00-15.00 CET

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Our “A Hacker’s Confessions” series, where we show how malicious hackers operate in real life, is back this winter. Whereas the first two instances focused on phishing and post-exploitation, Part III will focus on physical security.

  • 28th of February 2018

  • 09.00-10.00 or 14.00-15.00 CET

  • FortConsult A/S, Svanevej 12, Copenhagen NV
Black Teaming: Exploiting Physical Vulnerabilities

Black Teaming is a term used to describe a combination of physical and cyber attack techniques, focusing primarily on physical security, but also including various techniques that are used in Red Teaming. The core objectives of the Black Team are the same as the Red Team’s: gain access to client or corporate data, while the initial attack methods predominantly target vulnerabilities within the physical realm.

War Stories and Lessons Learned

At this event, our Head of Technical Security Consulting, Michael Moltke, will give you real-life examples from Black Team engagements with our clients, and will offer advice on how to avoid similar scenarios in your organisation. Whether it’s large organisations, shared office spaces or SMBs - we’ve been there, have gained physical access to their offices, and walked away with more than one could ever have imagined.

Key Takeaways
  • How are organisations of different sizes and types of office locations targeted?

  • How do you protect your organisations against physical attacks?

  • Which employees are key in averting breaches of your physical security?

  • How can you educate your employees to stay vigilant about physical attacks?

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