A Hacker's Confessions (extra session)

22nd of May 2019 - 9:00-10.30 CET

A Hacker's Confessions

“A Hacker’s Confessions” shows you how malicious hackers operate in real life. In this one-and-a-half-hour session, you will see examples of surprisingly unlikely attack vectors that hackers turn to when attacking your organisation.

  • 22nd of May 2019

  • 09.00-10.30 CET

  • FortConsult HQ
    Svanevej 12, Copenhagen NV 
Your Printer is Watching You

Security breaches can occur in the most unlikely corners of your organisation. In efforts to compromise your security setup, hackers turn to unexpected ways of attacking even the most unlikely devices - and they don’t need expensive specialised equipment to do it. This calls for your employees to stay vigilant about the threats to your organisation – and think twice before introducing new devices to your network. But where exactly do you draw the line and how do you decide whether a device can be trusted?

Live Hack and Lessons Learned

At this event, you will witness a live demo of how a hacker gains control of a common device on your network, takes over its functionalities and uses it as a malicious actor that is incredibly hard to monitor by your own IT or security services. For instance, what happens when an intruder intercepts sensitive documents that are sent to your printer? And at which point do you need to start worrying when a seemingly harmless new device is introduced to your network?

Key Takeaways
  • How does a hacker use a device that is already on your network to compromise your organisation’s security?
  • When can you trust your devices and what should you be wary of?
  • How do you spot a compromised device?

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