Cyber Crisis Game: Stockholm

6th of December 2018 - 13.00-15.30 CET

Cyber Crisis Game

This session will walk you through a cyber crisis with an interactive simulation, giving you an opportunity to make some of the decisions that you may face during a cyber crisis. You will face difficult choices and time pressure, where the stakes and the risk of making a costly mistake are high - but free of the real-life consequences.

  • 17th of January 2019

  • 13.00-15.30 CET

  • 7A Strandvägen, Room 320
    Strandvägen 7, 114 56 Stockholm
Incident Response: Not Just Technical Countermeasures

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest risks that organisations face today. From phishing and ransomware to cyber espionage and hacktivist attacks, the threats are wide ranging and varied. This makes defending against cyber attacks a daily challenge and one that demands constant vigilance. Best practice recognises that mitigation is not solely about technical countermeasures and response, but is a blend of situational crisis management, technical measures and media handling.

Your organisation’s reaction to a cyber security incident should be well thought through, coordinated and joined up in order to avoid further damage to business operations, falling foul of legislation or regulations, brand damage and public perception.

Key Takeaways
  • Managing a crisis based on limited information and under severe time constraints
  • Practical application of the responsibilities expected during a cyber crisis
  • Prioritising during a crisis: identification of failing points and areas to improve
  • The importance of periodic crisis simulations
  • The importance of a well-documented Incident Response procedures
  • Improving your organisation’s ability to respond to a cyber incident

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