30 Minutes: What you Didn’t Know About the Future of Phishing (re-run)

7th of May 2020 - 12.00-12.30 CET

”Now you see me…”

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Giuseppe Trotta at NCCCon 2020

Next generation phishing attacks use a technique that makes it almost impossible to spot the difference between a real website and a malicious copy. 

There will always be someone who clicks on the link in a phishing email – for the attacker, that is the easy part. The real art of phishing is to fool you into believing that the landing page is real and keep you on the hook after you have clicked on the link. 

Attackers are now using techniques that exploit visual aspects in your browser to make it incredibly difficult to identify whether the landing page is real or fake. There is no technological solution to this, so users need to learn how to spot these attacks. 

Key Takeaways
  • Why the latest phishing techniques are effective
  • How to spot the difference between a real and a fake landing page
  • Why two-factor-authentication is not your silver bullet 
  • How to protect yourself and your employees from advanced phishing attacks

This talk is inspired by Giuseppe Trotta’s research on phishing and bypassing two-factor authentication, which he most recently presented at NCCCon in Vilamoura. 


Giuseppe Trotta (@giutro), Team Leader - Threat Simulation, FortConsult

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