“30 Minutes: TIBER-EU - Why you Should Care

19th of May 2020 - 11.00-11.30 CET

TIBER-EU is a framework that was created to protect critical infrastructure across Europe and is currently being implemented in the financial sector in several countries. 

Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red-teaming (TIBER) engagements are performed in a live environment and mimic the tactics, techniques and procedures of real-life threat actors. As a result, TIBER engagements are the most advanced and the most realistic attack simulations available at the moment.

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TIBER should be applied in all critical infrastructure sectors

As of now, TIBER is applied to financial institutions across Europe, but we believe that TIBER, or a similar framework, will eventually spread to all critical infrastructure sectors.

Until then, organisations in critical infrastructure sectors can, and should, learn from TIBER and use it as an inspiration to improve their cyber resilience, benchmark against their peers, and even use it as a means to create competitive advantage.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will show you why your organisation should care about TIBER, how it can help you improve your security, and why you should dare to share the results from your own red team engagements with your peers.

Key Takeaways
  • Insights into the benefits and unique qualities of the TIBER framework
  • Understanding of how the TIBER process can be an inspiration to your sector
  • How TIBER will enable us to learn from each other

Philippe Roy, Information Security Consultant and TIBER expert, FortConsult

About "30 Minutes"

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