ATM Security Test

An ATM solution and network form a complex ecosystem that consists of different vendors and responsible agents, both internal and external to the banking organisation. Due to the complexity of this ecosystem with its distributed roles and responsibilities that cross organisational boundaries, the areas associated with security risk are often overlooked. The ATM application itself, with its software updates, operating system patches, platform hardening and networks, is often vulnerable to attacks. These attacks are not necessarily sophisticated and often not included in standard penetration tests.

NCC Group performs advanced penetration tests on automated teller machine (ATM) solutions in the financial sector. In most cases, serious security flaws are identified in the ATM configurations and associated processes. NCC Group tests ATMs with our 'Business Penetration Test' (BPT) methodology, which simulates real attacks on ATM solutions. This includes carefully designed targeted attacks, which combines physical, logical and optionally social engineering attack vectors. These simulations are developed as a result of NCC Group's thorough research on the newest threats, trends and attack scenarios associated with ATMs.

Depending on your focus and concerns, our ATM experts can perform the following tests: 

  • ATM Lockdown Testing

  • ATM Malware Analysis

  • ATM Incident Response

  • ATM Certification

  • Software Testing

  • ATM Penetration Testing

  • Windows Security Design

  • ATM Vendor Responsibilities Mapping

Working with NCC Group on testing your ATM solution brings a range of benefits: 

  • You minimise your exposure to risks and get realistic recommendations on how to strengthen your ATM environment’s security posture

  • You get a holistic picture of your ATM environment, including often overlooked areas

  • You get to test scenarios that are usually not included in standard penetration tests

  • You achieve compliance with popular standards (PA-DSS, PCI DSS and more)

  • You determine whether your vendors are living up to your own security standards

  • You acquire know-how about how to respond to incidents

  • You get to work with a globally recognised expert in ATM security and a member of the European ATM Security Team (EAST)
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